If you've arrived at this page out of curiosity, let me tell you that all components of the Bowkaddy Bow Rack System are backed by a no-hassle 5 year warranty against any manufacture-related defects.  Failure resulting from prescribed and normal use will qualify the owner for replacement of the failed part(s) or reimbursement of the original purchase price.  Replacement parts will be shipped across North America at no expense to you.  If you seek reimbursement, Alaris Concepts retains the right to request a return shipment of the product prior to issuing the reimbursement.  Component failure resulting from usage outside the scope of the Product Sheet instructions (ie. rollovers, excessive impact, improper installation, etc.) is not covered under the official warranty.


If, for any reason, you decide that the Bowkaddy Bow Rack System is not for you, please contact Alaris Concepts and we'll ensure you are looked after.  We don't deal with this very often, so we can keep the verbiage to a minimum!


If you've arrived at this page because you want to pursue a warranty claim, here is the simple 4 step procedure:

     1.  Don't return the product to the store!

     2.  Take a digital picture of the failed part(s).

     3.  Attach the picture in an email to with the following information:

               - your name
               - shipping address
               - contact phone number(s)
               - brief description of the circumstances which led to the failure
               - original purchase date (a copy of the original purchase receipt is preferred)
               - your preference of reimbursement or part replacement

     4.   Await your free replacement part shipment!  Or reimbursement, as the case may be.

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