Issue #12  -  July 19, 2008

ALL NEW Bowkaddy Bow Kovers Have Arrived!

"The Latest Installment" - F-350 Crew Cab Interior Side Mount

Dealer Update

Did you hear the good news?!...  The days are getting shorter...and you know what that means...

As of today there are only 46 more sleeps until Christm...uh, I mean bowhunting season.  At least that's how the calendar reads here in my neck of the woods.  Visions of broadheads and broadside shots have been dancing in my head ever since the summer solstice.  How about you?  Got the itch yet?  Picked out your hunting destinations?  Booked your holidays?  Scoped out some new gear for the upcoming season?  How's that for a subtle lead-in to the latest offering by Bowkaddy...a new and improved soft bow cover to protect your bow from mud, dust and trail debris...

Bowkaddy Bow Kovers Have Arrived!

My very first e-newsletter back in September '06 featured a product called the Bow-Kini.  The "Bow-Kini Solution", as I referred to the setup, was a simple yet aesthetic soft bow cover manufactured by Black's Creek Guide Gear and endorsed by Mathews.  The problem it solved was the frequent bombardment of mud, dirt and trail debris landing on the bow.  With the bows of old, people were more likely to allow a little spattering of mud on the weapon now and then.  Not so much anymore.  With equipment prices steadily on the rise, a little insurance goes a long way to preserve today's hi-tech offerings.

I was thus elated to discover the Bow-Kini one day at a local archery shop amidst a gathering of other cool camo products by the same company.  I bought it and tried it right away on the Bowkaddy set up.  "This is the ticket," I thought to myself, so I contacted Black's Creek and secured a deal to sell their Bow-Kini as an accessory to my own product line.

Later I realized that this soft cover addressed another pressing issue, at least in some states and provinces.  In several jurisdictions around North America, a bow must be "encased" during transport.  For years, this meant a bulky hard case that hogged space on quad racks and often meant assembly time when you reached the end of the trail.  I had a later model PSE that wouldn't fit in my hard case unless I removed the two-piece quiver.  The time I spent fumbling with Allen keys and arrows..."I could be in the stand by now," I often thought.  With this soft cover came the freedom to transport my bow, quiver and arrows intact without the hassle of a hard case.  And because it met the intent of the "cased bow" regulations, I could use it anywhere my hunting destination turned out to be.

So what has changed on the new Bowkaddy Bow Kover?

The short answer is...not a lot.  The new cover is dimensionally identical to the original Bow-Kini and is manufactured under the same rigorous standards of quality.  It is designed to slip easily over parallel limb bows but, in my experience, will work for any bow up to about 40" total length.  The cover still provides maximum protection of the critical bow components - cams, sight, rest, string and cable.  As well, the narrow opening on the front still provides for low-profile coverage even with quiver and arrows on the bow.

The key changes to the new Bow Kovers are:

-Embroidered with the Bowkaddy logo instead of the Mathews logo, making the product more brand-generic.
-Bow-Kini logo removed.
-Black's Creek Guide Gear logo added.
-Cool new snap connectors on the straps.
-Available in new camo patterns including Realtree AP.
-Zipper removed from back of cover (was used only in conjunction with some Black's Creek backpacks).

The Bowkaddy Bow Kover is the perfect complement to any Bowkaddy system, be it on an ATV, UTV, boat or pickup.  The cover fits easily around the bow and the swing arms of Bowkaddy when in use and keeps the bow clean and ready for action.  Even by itself, the Bow Kover can be extremely useful.  Throw it on your bow, adjust the carrying strap and throw it over your shoulder.  If you like your time in the woods, you'll like it even more the the Bowkaddy Bow Kover.  Click here if you are interested in purchasing a Bowkaddy Bow Kover.  Note that, if you're a Mathews fan, the original Bow-Kinis will be available for a short time until the stock is used up.

"The Latest Installment" - F-350 Crew Cab Interior Side Mount

Now this is cool.  One day a local bowhunter called me up and inquired about the use of Bowkaddy as an interior bow rack in his full size F-350 crew cab pickup.  "I always have my bow with me in the truck," he informed me, "but I hate having it bouncing around the back seat."  As it turned out, he was passing through Wainwright that evening so I told him to stop by and check out the product first hand.  To shorten the story a bit, he left that evening with a custom-installed bow rack just inside the back door on the drivers side.  Problem solved in fine fashion.

Granted, this is the most challenging install application for Bowkaddy and will not work on every vehicle.  First of all, you must be willing to give up some headroom in the back seat when your bow is in the rack.  The other, and most important consideration, is that you must be able to bolt the base of Bowkaddy in an integral location without drilling through the top of the roof.  This is only possible in locations where the presence of an adequate sub-plate can be confirmed by peeling back the roof liner.  An adequate sub-plate is one in which at least three out of the four bolts can be fastened through the sub-plate to secure the base.  And of course, you need to confirm that your bow will actually fit in the preferred location.  Pre-planning is critical.

Once you've confirmed the availability of sufficient space and an integral sub-plate, you can begin the physical installation.  With the roof liner peeled back, carefully mark the 3 or 4 hole positions on the bottom of the subplate.  If space is tight, just mark one hole to begin with.  The base can be used as a template later on to mark the remaining holes.  A small nail works good to create the matching hole in the liner.  Errant holes in the roof liner cannot be easily repaired or covered so take your time and do it right the first time.

Unless the subplate thickness is heavy duty (~1/8" thick), the standard 5/16" bolts will work better than the lag bolts.  If using lag bolts, use a 15/64" bit; otherwise (and if the lag bolts don't hold the base securely), use a 21/64" bit.  The tricky part about using the standard bolts is feeding them down from the top of the sub-plate.  I was able to do it quite easily by tying a short length of fishing line to the bottom threads of the bolt and then "fishing" the string up through the big hole (visible below left) and down through the drilled hole.  Be careful not to lose the bolt inside the roof of the truck.  I also recommend putting a lock washer on the bolt before you fish it through to facilitate tightening after the base is placed.  After all, you won't have access to the top of the bolt to keep it from turning when the nut is tightened on from the bottom.  Once the holes are drilled and bolts inserted, the worst is over.  All that remains is to tuck the roof liner back into position and fasten the Bowkaddy base.

In this install, the rear rubber handle above the window was sacrificed to provide a suitable mounting location.  This was preferable to messing with the interior light in the rear middle location and in the end, turned out much to our satisfaction.

If you have any questions pertaining to an install such as this one, feel free to contact Alaris Concepts.

Dealer Update

Alaris Concepts is happy to welcome the following companies to the Bowkaddy Dealer List.  Please check them out if you are in the area!

Walleyes & Whitetails
4919-53 Avenue
High Prairie, AB  T0G 1E0

Triggers & Bows
1336 Colborne St W
Brantford, ON  N3T 5L7

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