Issue #4  -  October 17, 2006

Alaris Concepts is Relocating!

If you've ever clicked on the History page of this website and read through the evolution of Alaris Concepts, you'll recall that I grew up in the "aspen parkland of eastern Alberta".  Hunting was good.  Fishing was good.  Life was good.  Then I had to grow up, go to university and find a decent job that someday might grant opportunities closer to my stomping grounds.  For over a decade now, I've been living in the urban setting of central Alberta.  A beautiful area, for sure, but not "home" for me.

Well, at long last, my wife and I have decided to make the transition back into small town rural Alberta.  Wainwright, to be specific.  A great place to live close to extended family.  A great place to raise our children.  And a great place to hunt!

Alaris Concepts will continue to provide high quality products and service to the archery communities world wide.  The website and email addresses will remain unchanged, but the new location and phone number for Alaris Concepts is now:

Wainwright, Alberta

          Please phone or email for full address details.

New Product Announcement - Bow-Kini is On Board!

Alaris Concepts has recently reached a sales agreement with Black's Creek, the manufacturer of high quality hunting packs, and in particular, the Bow-Kini.  This fantastic bow cover will now be available through Alaris Concepts.  Orders can be place through this website, mail order or in person.  Click here to see why Bow-Kini is such an excellent complement to the current Bowkaddy line of products.

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